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Welcome to Japan Rubber Weekly, the English online edition of Gomu Hochi Shimbun, a leading industrial trade newspaper covering Japan’s rubber, tire and plastics industries.

The English online edition of Japan Rubber Weekly was launched in October 2015 in collaboration with Japan Industry News.

In Japanese, Gomu Hochi Shimbun has been published since 1961. The print newspaper is delivered to its readers every Monday with a circulation of about 25,000 copies.

It is a trusted source of information throughout the industry, its readers ranging from rubber products makers and raw materials manufactures over to distributors and end users.

The newspaper contains 12-16 tabloid pages every week. It covers a wide range of topics, including tires and industrial products (belts, hoses, and insulation products), consumer products (shoes, sports equipment, and stationary), raw materials (natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, pharmaceuticals, and fibers), and machinery test devices.

In addition, it features news and commentaries on topics of interest to industry firms, such as personnel, distribution, and domestic and international developments.

Japan Rubber Weekly is published by Posty Corporation, which also publishes a variety of other highly reputed industry publications.

These include among others Japan Rubber and Elastomers, published since 1967 with a circulation of 5,000 magazines every month, and the Shoes Post, a newspaper for Japan’s shoe retail sector, published thrice a month with a print-run of 40,000 copies.

Posty Corporation also publishes annual compilations of data, analysis, and commentary, such as the Japan Rubber Yearbook, the Japan Shoes Yearbook, the Industrial Rubber Goods Handbook, the Statistical Handbook of Japanese Industrial Rubber Products, and the Japanese Rubber Industry Overseas.

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