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Posty Corporation is the publisher of Japan Rubber Weekly and other leading industrial trade publications covering the Japanese rubber, plastic, and shoes industries.

As journalists and publishers, we are entrusted by our readership and the public at large to produce accurate and timely news, information, and analysis that contributes to the ongoing advancement of the rubber, plastic, shoes, and related industries.


Company name:
Posty Corporation (株式会社ポスティコーポレーション)

3F Mizuho Building, 2-1-3 Higashi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, 101-0031 Tokyo, Japan

+81-3-3851-5391 (Japanese)

+81-3-3861-3459 / +81-3-5820-3370

Email: (Japanese) (English)

June 17, 1961

JPY 10 Million

Chairman: Kunio Akiyama
President: Takahito Baba
Auditor: Kiyoshi Nishisako




  • Japan Rubber Yearbook
  • Japan Shoes Yearbook
  • Japan Industrial Rubber Goods Handbook
  • Statistical Handbook of Japanese Industrial Rubber Products
  • Japanese Rubber Industry Overseas

1961   Company founded as Shoko Shunju-sha; launch Japan Rubber Weekly and Japan Rubber Yearbook
1963   Company name change to Gomu Hochi Shimbun-sha; launch Japan Shoes Yearbook
1966   Launch Japan Rubber and Elastomers
1975   Launch Shoes Post
1977   Launch Japan Industrial Rubber Goods Handbook
1978   Launch Japan Rubber Industry Business Results
1984   Launch Statistical Handbook of Japanese Industrial Rubber Products
1985   Company name change to Posty Corporation
1986   Celebrating 25 Years Company Anniversary
1996   Launch The Japanese Rubber Industry Overseas
2011   Celebrating 50 Years Company Anniversary
2015   Launch Japan Rubber Weekly Online editions in Japanese and English