Tokyo-based Rubber SMEs to Exhibit Technological Prowess at IRC 2016

The Bokuto Rubber Industrial Committee, an organization of small and medium-sized manufacturers of rubber products that was established in Tokyo’s Bokuto district, will exhibit at the International Rubber Conference 2016 Kitakyushu (IRC 2016) from Oct. 24-28 in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka prefecture. Aiming to display their member companies’ technological strength to the world, the committee will be part of the IRC 2016’s Rubber and Elastomer Technical Exhibition.

The Rubber and Elastomer Technical Exhibition is an event held with the purpose of helping shape the future vision of the rubber industry through displaying current technologies of the rubber and affiliated industries, along with promoting international exchange and industry development.

A large number of companies and organizations will exhibit at the event, covering fields from raw materials, rubber and elastomer-related products, processing equipment, over testing and measuring devices to cutting-edge technologies and products.

Four companies from the Bokuto Rubber Industrial Committee – Ukawa Rubber Mfg. Co. Ltd., Kinsei Rubber Industry Co. Ltd., Shimoda Rubber Industry Co. Ltd. and Hotty Polymer Co. Ltd. – will each exhibit their representative products at the Rubber and Elastomer Technical Exhibition.

These four companies all manufacture rubber related products for the automotive, construction equipment, office automation equipment, nuclear energy and construction industries. Having been established between 1899 and 1950, they have long histories and each boasts high technological strength.

The IRC 2016 is sponsored by The Society of Rubber Science and Technology, Japan.

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